The Power Of Love

THE POWER OF LOVE  A woman in love 1965-1981

This is the second book following Jacqueline’s autobiography. Jackie, as she is now called is married and living in a high-rise council flat. It is the early seventies, a time of Hippies, flower power and ‘Sheffield on the Move’.

Although she and John have a comfortable life, family issues still prevail. A new man enters her life and throws her completely off balance as she cannot cast aside his show of affection as easily as the men in the pub where she works.

Full of guilt and her love for John, Jackie must give up her lover. She bluffs her way into a variety of working positions and soon realizes her potential. Re-discovering a long-lost talent puts her on the path to becoming a highly successful businesswoman.

Read how the Power of Love can change things beyond belief, as she embarks on a very different journey. Once again Jacqueline’s story unveils humour and pathos, and a definitive aspect of the eternal triangle.


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Norfolk Park Housing Estate 1967

City Living

Caravan Holidays


…And cars to get you there.


Hippy Days

Starting a Family…

And then there were two

Then along came Dave!

… So wrong…

…But so right