The Girl With The Emerald Brooch



This wonderful tale, based on the writer’s childhood and set in the industrial city of Sheffield, during post-war Britain, tells of a young girl unexpectedly having to look after her ailing mother, aged father, five-year-old sister, and three-weeks old brother.

At this tender age when she should be playing with friends, she is coming to terms with birth and death.  Then her mother shocks her by giving her an emerald brooch and telling her a secret.

You will be gripped from the first sentence as you meet Jacqueline’s family and friends, and see how she turns into a rebellious teenager when she discovers boys, cigarettes, and rock ‘n’ roll, before facing the challenges of growing up and choosing her own path in life.

With dialogue reminiscent of the characterization of Catherine Cookson, and humour and pathos as found in ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘Brassed Off’, you will love this book.


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Mum when she was nursing

Me, four years old and moved to Tanfield Road


Whitsuntide and the dreadful salmon-pink suit I hated.

Look where the waistband is, it’s under my arms


1955/56 Me, Ian and Josie at New Brighton

1958 Me, Ian, Josie at Mablethorpe

Chemist shop where I worked after leaving school in 1959

It was on the Junction of Dykes Hall Road and Kendal Road



1960 Hazel and me, at Blackpool





1961 Club 60, Shalesmoor

!963 Ian, me, Josie and Shep, somewhere in Derbyshire

And then along came John


1964 John and me


1965 25th September Wedding Day.  With Josie and Margaret, Bridesmaids


Wonderful day, despite having Bronchitis

Parents photo Wedding Day

John, Me, John’s Mum, My Dad, My Mum, John’s Dad