Poems, Prose, & Tripe



An anthology of short stories – sometimes called Flash-Fiction, or Micro-Fiction. Unbelievable facts. Poems and verse. Hospital dilemmas.  Unusual historical events. Humorous and far-reaching poems, written by the author and some established poets, written in vivid and imaginative prose.

Have you ever wondered why we do things for Pete’s sake?  Why is Sandra sitting on the park bench?  Which famous fighter was knocked down in every fight, yet always got up to win? What was the missing link, and Stanley’s ordeal?

Who was the other woman? And what was the ultimate gift?  What do you know about Sheffield’s Paternoster Lift, Chesterfield’s crooked spire, Cougars and Councils, Body language, Problem dogs and the Graveyard shift? Did you know, a bus runs in England fuelled on human poo?  There is a country where you can’t be buried when you die? The heart is a muscle which never tires.  Over a lifetime of say 70 years it will beat 2.5 billion times without taking a rest? And how do you know when you’re in Yorkshire?

With 257 pages of over 120 features which showcase the talent of this new writer, this book will entertain you for years.  Dip into the contents in any order Keep it on your bedside table, coffee table, or smallest room.


Currently available from amazon.co.uk as both paperback & kindle editions


 Naughty Molly, page 95


  Old Pit Chimney, page 178


Trivia – Various pages


 Statues of Easter Island – page 180


Laughs a Gas – page 236


Overheard in the Hairdressers – Page 70


The Lamplighter – page 26


Mum’s Treasure Chest – page 53


Pain & Creativity – page 8



Superstitions – page 97


Yorkshire – Page 242