Awards & Accolades



2014 When it began. First attempt at novel writing
and won ‘Masterclass Award’


2016 First book published and won silver quill award

Although this wasn’t an award it, was an honour to sit with the brilliant Giles Brandreth at the authors’ table


‘A compelling read’… John Irvine Clarke – Author and Poet
‘The heart of it’… Julie Mellor – Poet
‘Heartwarming and heart-wrenching in equal measure’… Amazon Customer
‘Great Memories and great detail’… Roy Turton
‘You will love this book. Life in the fifties and sixties’… Sandra P
‘So well written you feel you are with her throughout’… S. Cleary
‘A gripping read, a page-turner with laughs and tears’… Sarah Bennet
‘I really enjoyed her honesty’… Amazon Customer
‘Excellent read, I like the way she writes’… Shert.Bert
‘What an amazing woman, an absolutely fantastic read’… Amazon Customer
‘Fantastic.  A MUST read!!!’… Amazon Customer
‘A book for all ages, a great book’… Danielle Spencer